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2013-08-16 07:42 pm

pk/carey auror fic, origific hockey fic, and the one where jack johnson is the worst hooker ever

first round of recs!

Lay These Storms to Rest by Impertinence
Hockey RPF, PK Subban/Carey Price

CASE FIC. Fuck, it's been so long since I've had CASE FIC to read! /wiggles happily. And this has some EPIC world building. This is, as I said, case fic, and an AU where PK and Carey and the rest of the Canadians, etc, are Harry Potter-style Wizards, and more specifically, Aurors. I love how Impertinence paralleled their Auror careers and experiences with their hockey careers. AND SOUL BONDING!

Anyway. Go read it; plotty case fic with interesting world building and OCs, and a lovely build of the relationship between PK and Carey. :)

You Could Make a Life by imogenedisease
Origific/Hockey RPF

Okay, so first off, this is not technically hockey RPF. this is not our NHL, it's not real players-- but, it's also not really original fic, it relies too heavily on the framework of understanding that underpins hockey RPF.

So, that said, this is a pretty sweet little series. It follows Our Heroes, Marc and Dan, as they get together, get outed, and deal with their relationship and their careers. One of the things I particularly liked was that Marc and Dan are very different players, and Marc's more talented. While it's never particularly an issue for them personally, it has some huge implications for their careers, which *does* have implications for their relationship. It's clearly a very stylized way of dealing with openly gay players in a relationship, not a particularly realistic one, but I found the way the premises were played out compelling and not particularly jarring.

Particularly, I found that, although they are outed against their will, the way that the fic felt with the fall out for Marc and Dan themselves was quite well done. It's been AGES since I read an outing fic, because of one thing and another, and this somehow manages to make me not want to never read one again.

Downsides, though. The one that put me off longest, and actually caused me to avoid the fic for a while, was the way Marc's shown to be a bookworm, always with his nose in some book of obscure philosophy or literature. At first, particularly when he's juxtaposed against Dan, the characterization of Marc comes off as very "GASP! A SMART HOCKEY PLAYER! SO STRANGE! SO EXOTIC!", which I found very off putting. This is mostly in the first fic, and it's worth trekking through-- the fetishism of hipster intellectualism dies off fairly quickly.

Overall though, I found these very very cute, very funny, and liked them very much. Also, the threesome at the end is worth the price of admission on its own.

I Heard that Cali Never Rains by anonymous
Hockey RPF, Mike Richards/Jeff Carter/Jack Johnson, Sidney Crosby/Jack Johnson

This is the most SUBLIME of crack fic. Basic premise: Mike Richards and Jeff Carter pick up a hooker for a threesome, and that hooker is Jack Johnson. Mike and Jeff proceed to be the worst at picking up a hooker for a threesome, and "John" proceeds to be the worst best hooker ever. At one point, Mike and Jeff are hiding in the bathroom from their own hooker.
I don't think I can do this fic justice. I started crying with laughter when trying to describe this fic to friends. Just. Take my word. Take the leap. Read it.